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"Europa bewegt sich - Europe in Motion"


We are planning to establish European contacts and partnership between the pupils and the stuff from the participating countries. The theme "Europa bewegt sich - Active Europe" has a dual meaning; on one hand we intend to increase the activity of the pupils in a physical sense, on the other hand also in a cultural, linguistic and social sense. Collaboration between schools should aim to achieve both short and long term changes to develop deeper understanding of Europe and its issues among the project participants, which would mean the reducing of prejudices, the development of European friendship and a European awareness, a "feeling of belonging together".


We are planning following activities:


* Getting to know the schools

* Common events to start the project

* Presentation of sports and games which are typical for each country

* Finding out differences and similarities between sports and games

* Learning of languages with means of sports and games

* Developing a kind of Olympic Games for children

* Focusing on some theroretical aspects concerning the theme "Active Europe" (active into the future, open to migration)

* Project meetings

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